Note: These, as well as all other 'space images' on this site, are actual screen-shots from StarStrider.

Tellus with Orion
The Earth in front of Orion (also available as an anaglyphic stereo image for red-cyan glasses).
Tellus with Luna
The Earth with its companion, the Moon.
Sunrise in India
Sunrise in India.
Mars and the Milky Way
Mars in front of the Milky Way (also available as an anaglyph stereo image for red-cyan glasses).
Jupiter eclipsed by Io
Jupiter eclipsed by its moon Io.
Io and Jupiter
The Jupiter moon Io in front of Jupiter.
Saturn from a famous perspective.
Uranus and its faint ring.
Triton and Neptune
Triton with its parent planet Neptune.
The region around Cassiopeia and Andromeda, as seen from Earth. Several deep sky objects are visible in the image, including the Andromeda galaxy.
Saturn in 3D
Saturn in anaglyph stereo for red-cyan glasses (also available for red-blue, blue-red, red-green, green-red, orange-blue, blue-orange and cyan-red).
Hyades and Pleiades in 3D
The Hyades and Pleiades in 3D for red-cyan anaglyph glasses.
The solar neighbourhood
The solar neighbourhood with constellation lines, as seen from Alkaid 100 light-years away. Also available as an anaglyphic stereo image for red-green glasses.
The Big Dipper without relativistic effects
Looking at the Big Dipper without relativistic effects.
The Big Dipper with relativistic effects, at 0.921c
The same field as before, but now speeding towards the Big Dipper at 0.921c with relativistic effects switched on.

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